Hi! I’m Alie! I’m a PhD student in Evolutionary Biology with an MSc in Biological Anthropology. I study wild primates, with a focus on movement ecology. I love R, I have a complicated relationship with Excel, I dabble in MatLab, and I’d like to learn Python. Most of my current data wrangling and analyses are focussed on wild orangutan movement and home ranging behaviour. Maps are my jam.

I’m originally from Canada, but I currently live in Switzerland with my partner and our cats.

My blog is intended to be a collection of R (mostly) and data science-related posts; tips and tricks, things I’ve learned (and/or am still learning) that I find exciting, fun, confusing, or just plain useful.

Feel free to comment on posts with questions or suggestions, just be friendly and stay on topic. If you have any other enquiries or suggestions for future posts, email me at .

I built this blog with blogdown and Hugo (hugo-tranquilpeak-theme), and it is depolyed on Netlify.

The thumbnail image for this post (and my avatar in the main menu) were drawn by Ethan Kocak, aka blackmudpuppy.