Have you ever wanted to work on two (or even more) different, separate things in R, at the same time? Do you crave some order and organization in your R life? Yes? Then you need to start using RStudio projects! (Side note: I assume that this is all pretty much the same on Windows as it is on Mac OS, but because using Windows makes me want to remove my own brain with a butter knife, I’m not sure… proceed with caution, Windows users.

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When I have anything R-related (ex. data, an analysis, some results, etc) that I want/need to discuss with somebody (ex. my supervisor, somebody willing to help me with my stats, etc), I often use the “Compile Report” command in RStudio in order to turn an R script into a an html document that has the code and output all together. This is really handy, because not only do you have your plots right there to show results, but if you want to discuss details about how you calculated those results, you also have the code right there as well.

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